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Pokemon Dark Evil Goku
Pokemon Dark Evil Goku

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 4 May 2013

Pokemon Passport

Name : Dark Evil Goku

Serie : Diamond & Pearl

Type : Darkness

Attack 1 : Dark Kamehameha Wave
A black wave of pure evil and darkness which does 100 damage. Once your opponent gets hit, it is now paralyzed. If your opponent dodges or you miss, You miss one turn and cannot use this wave until you use your other attack twice.

Attack 2 : Dark Spirit Bomb
A pure dark ball, filled with negative and positive energy, lightning surrounding it, the earth falling apart. You let go and this bomb beams toward your opponent. BOOM! He's half way dead.

Comments : Hello guys! I'm very sorry that I haven't made any DBZ card for the last YEAR! I totally forgot about it Sorry :(

Illustrator : KB

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