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Pokemon Fluffle Puff 58
Pokemon Fluffle Puff

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 8 November 2016

Pokemon Passport

Name : Fluffle Puff

Serie : Diamond & Pearl

Type : Fighting

Attack 1 : Fluffiness
So fluffy I'm going to die! Flip a coin if heads, your opponent will now be paralyzed. If you put two of any energy on this Pokemon your opponent's Pokemon will now be asleep for 2 turns if heads and 3 turns if you get tails!

Attack 2 : Pillow Canon
If the your opponent's Pokemon is not defeated it will either be asleep or it can't attack on it's next turn!

Comments : If this Pokemon is in your hand you can choose when you want to start your turn in the beginning of the game! If your bench is full and you have this Pokemon in your hand you can if you want to switch this Pokemon with your bench Pokemon!

Illustrator : Layla Polacheck

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