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Pokemon Alastair Aiken Ali A
Pokemon Alastair Aiken (Ali A)!

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 5 June 2018

Pokemon Passport

Name : Alastair Aiken (Ali A)!

Serie : Sun & Moon

Type : Water

Attack 1 : Intro Battle Royale
The Defending Pokemon is now deaf, and immobilized, meaning it is incapable of defending itself, or charging attacks. In addition this attack causes 30x damage for each time the intro is played.

Attack 2 : Roblox Battle Royale 500
The defending Pokemon is now cancerous, killing it's trainer and it's entire deck, including itself! #1 victory

Comments : If this ever becomes popular, I guarantee you it will be replicated by someone else... LONG LIVE CHAIRMAN LMAO!!

Illustrator : Simmystar

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