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Pokemon Eggdog 16
Pokemon Eggdog

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 23 February 2021

Pokemon Passport

Name : Eggdog

Serie : XY - Pokémon Mega Evolution

Type : Colorless

Mega Evolution rule : Now it’s a 3D model it’s dancing it does 20 damage every turn no matter the effect that will do 20 more damage

Attack 1 : MEGA ROLL 9,999,999
FLIP A COIN IF HEADS IF YO OPPONENT LIkES EGGS YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or is not ‘‘tis does only 9,999 damage

Pokémon-EX rule : Still cute right? So opponents pokemon is parylized for 5 turns and driving the opponents Pokémon crazy

Illustrator : Cooooooooooonoooooor

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