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Pokemon Godzilla 2014 87
Pokemon Godzilla 2014

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 15 December 2023

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Name : Godzilla 2014

Serie : Sun & Moon

Type : Fighting

Attack 1 : Claw slash/tail whip
Godzilla slashes, damaging his opponent. if tank mode is enabled, he spins his tail, dealing 80 damage.

Attack 2 : Charge/Atomic breath
NORMAL: Godzilla charges forward,slamming into the opponent. TANK: godzilla charges his dorals before shooting a atomic beam. costs 1 more energy point + a fire point. does 200 damage.

Comments : Tank mode can be toggled. it enables different attacks which deal more damage but they cost 1 more energy point.

Illustrator : A dude

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