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Pokemon Marluxia 22
Pokemon Marluxia

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 27 October 2011

Pokemon Passport

Name : Marluxia

Serie : Diamond & Pearl

Type : Grass

Attack 1 : Wimpy Flower Throw-
Marluxia wimpily throws flowers at the Defending Pokemon. The flowers have powers of healing and cures the Defending Pokemon of 50 hp. Marluxia feels stupid, slaps himself in the face, and takes 30 damage.

Attack 2 : Flower Power
Marluxia throws flowers at himself because he thought they had powers of healing. They were actually poisonous. Marluxia takes 80 damage.

Comments : Marluxia is the 12 member of Organization XIII. His power is flowers. He's a wimp, I know. All types are his weekness + 1000

Illustrator : Xlash

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