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Pokemon Minato Namikaze 77
Pokemon Minato Namikaze

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 6 August 2015

Pokemon Passport

Name : Minato Namikaze

Serie : Black & White - Pokémon Stage 2

Type : Fire

Attack 1 : Rasengan
Rasengan is a sphere like ball with energy and Chakra inside it. It is used by some people like Minato, Naruto, Boruto, and Jiraiya. If your opponent gets hit by it your opponent will fly far.

Attack 2 : Shadow Clone Jutsu
Just like Naruto Uzumaki, Minato was also a natural of this jutsu. How this jutsu works is by multiplying yourself into clones so no one will detect which one is actually you.

Comments : Minato Namikaze is a strong, fast, and a great Hokage and father.

Illustrator : Epic Naruto Fan

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