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Pokemon Moonlord 8
Pokemon Moonlord

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 5 September 2022

Pokemon Passport

Name : Moonlord

Serie : Black & White

Type : Darkness

Attack 1 : Deathray
Flip a coin. If heads, kill one of your opponent's Pokemon instantly. If tails, this attack does 120 damage.Discard one psychic energy if tails.

Attack 2 : True eyes of Cthulu
Flip a coin. If heads, Flip again until you have either flipped heads three times or flipped tails. The amount of times you flip heads you do 150 damage to the pokemon of your choice. If you flip tails on the first flip, you take one of the opponents Pokemon.

Comments : This is just a Terraria boss.

Illustrator : Amogus kid

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