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Pokemon Mr Bean 712
Pokemon Mr Bean

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 1 December 2023

Pokemon Passport

Name : Mr Bean

Serie : 1st generation

Type : Metal

Attack 1 : Jack jack attack
Makes apponent become seriously ill because of Jack's toxicness. He hopes for the world to revolve around him, but that'll never happen.

Attack 2 : Idiotic icicles
Jack "accidentally" lets down icicles that leave not even a scar on the enemy. He is basically the weakest ever. Also, by the way, Jack is the one who published the Spider-pug cards, which are bad, and he is holding a grudge with me, so, yeah.

Comments : Mr Bean is a lively character with critical hits, and everything! He can raise eyebrows, so you don't wanna mess with him, ey, Jack!

Illustrator : WillWonder

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