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Pokemon North the penguin
Pokemon North the penguin

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 20 December 2015

Pokemon Passport

Name : North the penguin

Serie : Diamond & Pearl

Type : Water

Attack 1 : North Pole
The North Pole blocks attacks for four turns. Flip a coin. If heads, add 1 turn. If tails, do 60 more damage.| Name: Shatter; Damage: 10; Ex: The actual damage is decided on the opponent's health. add that amount of health to 10|

Attack 2 : Melting Ice
The opponent's pokemon is saddened by hearing North tell about the North Pole melting, so they get frozen by jumping into the cold water.(Does not effect water types)

Comments : Name: Freezing Poles; Damage: 40x; Ex: Flip a coin. If heads, add 30 more damage; Energy: 1 water, 1 fighting

Illustrator : Katie H.

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