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Pokemon Oh god please no
Pokemon Oh god, please no!

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 5 December 2019

Pokemon Passport

Name : Oh god, please no!

Serie : Sun & Moon

Type : Colorless

Attack 1 : Rabies
Dogs in a 10 mile radius will contract rabies. Flip a coin, if heads, attack all the benched Pokemon, if tails, you will be bitten by 10 chihuahuas in the next week. Discard this card

Attack 2 : Ebola
If a stadium cards are in your opponents deck, you have the legal ownership of them and also no damage will be done. If tails, do 30x more damage to every card in your opponent's deck and inject them with Ebola. Discard this Pokemon.

Comments : "I want to tame it!" It gonna kill you tho

Illustrator : ASMB Inc.

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