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Pokemon Real Life Pikachu 21
Pokemon Real Life Pikachu

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 11 September 2016

Pokemon Passport

Name : Real Life Pikachu

Serie : 1st generation

Type : Lighting

Attack 1 : Discharge (Thunder)
Flip a coin. If heads, the move will be Discharge. If tails, the move will be Thunder. Damage: Discharge (30) Thunder (25) Flip it again. If heads, Static will be activated. If tails,Pikachu is immune to all electric attacks.

Attack 2 : Quick Attack(Iron Tail)
Flip a coin. If heads, Pikachu will use Iron Tail. If tails, it will be Quick Attack. Flip it again, if heads the move (Quick Attack or Iron tail) will deal 10%. If tails, defending opponent will Paralyzed by the attack.

Illustrator : Solo Frazier

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