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Pokemon SAS from CSGO
Pokemon SAS (from CSGO)

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 15 March 2019

Pokemon Passport

Name : SAS (from CSGO)

Serie : XY

Type : Colorless

Attack 1 : Mouse 1 & Mouse 2
Flip 2 coins, if one of them land on heads, deal 10 dmg, if on tails, then 30 dmg. They can be mixed up for combos, for example one head and one tails...

Attack 2 : Grenade Lob
Flip a coin, if heads, use a HE grenade, which deals 50 Damage, if tails, use a smoke grenade which blinds the enemy, and requires them to flip a coin to decide whether or not it hits...

Comments : "Remember, this isn't the killing house anymore, this is real life."

Illustrator : Valve

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