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Pokemon Sekhmet Warrior Goddess 1
Pokemon Sekhmet- Warrior Goddess

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 13 March 2019

Pokemon Passport

Name : Sekhmet- Warrior Goddess

Serie : 1st generation

Type : Fighting

Attack 1 : Warrior
As Sun goddess she is connected with scorching, searing, and burning heat of the sun. Sekhmet protects the pharaoh during war as a warrior

Attack 2 : Healing/Protective aspects
Being the mother of a healing goddess, Sekhmet has healing and protective aspects. While she may bring about disease and plague to those who wrong her as the Lady of Pestilence, she is also a master of the art of medicine as she provides the cure to various ailments she may have brought to man.

Comments : Appears as a woman wearing a red dress with the head of a lioness wearing a sun disc circled by a cobra on her head. She holds the ankh which is a symbol of life.

Illustrator : Sekhmet is a member of Memphite triad with her husband Ptah and son Nefertum. Sekhmet is the daughter of the Sun God Ra when his eye looked upon Earth. She is sometimes seen as the daughter of Nut and Geb.

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