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Pokemon Shiny Baby Mew
Pokemon Shiny Baby Mew

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 13 March 2011

Pokemon Passport

Name : Shiny Baby Mew

Serie : 1st generation

Type : Psychic

Attack 1 : Shiny Attack 600,00
Shiny Baby Mew is shiny, right? so Mew concentrates it's shiny powers into the center of Mew's body and blastes that power out surronding the opponent.

Attack 2 : Shiny Squeek 20000
Shiny Baby Mew squeeks so cutely, that the opponent falls in love and wont attack Mew. So Mew has a chance to attack.

Comments : Shiny Baby Mew are also not rarely seen evrey single day. When Mew finds Shiny Baby Mew, they will hold hands and use the Psychic powers that they have an they will gain more power so they can become alot stronger then the ust to be. There are only 2 Shiny Mew's on earth. One is a reagular Shiny Mew. And one is Shiny Baby Mew.

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