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Pokemon Vote if u love EEVEE 2
Pokemon Vote if u love EEVEE!

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 17 January 2019

Pokemon Passport

Name : Vote if u love EEVEE!

Serie : 1st generation

Type : Lighting

Attack 1 : Jolt-Evolution
Find four electric-type energy in you're opponent's deck. Attach them to this card. Switch out this card for a Jolteon. Make Jolteon you're active Pokemon. Discard Eevee, and Confuse your opponent's active Pokemon.

Attack 2 : Any-Evolution
If Eevee is still you're active Pokemon, find a energy that is Fire, electric, or water-type. Attach it to this card. Quickly find the evolution of the type of energy you chose and switch out Eevee.

Comments : This Pokemon Ball wields a mysterious Pokemon that most people can't guess.

Illustrator : This card is EXTREMELY rare.

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