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Pokemon imolhS reffO ecniV
Pokemon imolhS "reffO" ecniV

Language Card : english

Creation Date : 26 February 2012

Pokemon Passport

Name : imolhS "reffO" ecniV

Serie : Diamond & Pearl - Pokémon LV.X

Type : Fighting

Attack 1 : Sham-Slap-Schticky Omnislash
ecniV combines all of Vince Shlomi's products together to make a giant sword, and slashes at the foe multiple times with immense energy in an Omnislash formation. This move causes 200 damage when first used, and damages 200 more each time it's used.

Attack 2 : HeadSham Whip
ecniV whips the foe with the multiple Shamwows he has for a head.

Comments : One day, Vince Offer accidentally spilled OxiClean on a Shamwow towlette and tried to dry it off. The Shamwow mutated, and grew a complete clone of Vince's body, but still had a Shamwow for a head. This Shamwow became known as ecniV. ecniV wears a Vince Offer mask to trick people into thinking he's the real Vince.

Illustrator : The Board

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